How Resonance is helping Woven Whānau

Resonance was founded on a vision of ‘providing shelter and protection to many’. This vision means that we don’t just aim to be New Zealand’s leading experts in organisational transformation, helping businesses with strategy, innovation, organisational structure, culture and leadership. We also offer our skills and services to great causes who are making a real difference by giving vulnerable people a helping hand.

Introducing Woven Whānau

Woven Whānau is a Whanganui based initiative. Its mission is to partner with parents to create thriving mums and dads, flourishing families and healthy communities. They’ve learned that partnering mentor parents alongside other parents helps those supported parents to thrive and their families to flourish. Creating a stable, loving environment for children helps those families become a catalyst for positive inter-generational change, creating healthy communities.

Resonance’s support of Woven Whanau has included strategy and marketing advice. Our first step was to meet and understand the initiative and the issues they faced. We then facilitated a workshop with the Woven Whānau leadership team, where we collectively developed the Woven Whanau name (previously the initiative had been known as SKIP Wanganui). The name ‘woven’ was chosen because of the concept of knitting families together, and ‘whanau’ was chosen because of the concept of a community of support. We then developed a logo inspired by a kete bag, with the weaving strands representing a networked family. 

Woven Whānau Logo Creation & Brand Development

Our next step was to work with the team to improve their storytelling, which is vital for fundraising and attracting participants. We developed a Woven Whānau website, brochure and powerpoint presentation. These tools bring to light the plight of isolated New Zealand parents and explain a proven solution. We emphasised the numerous case studies that the team have built up over the years, of parents’ lives who have been transformed from situations of depression, self harm and despair to a situation where these parents are now working themselves as social workers, nurses, midwives, teachers, business people and even motivational speakers. It really is a case of empowering parents to transform their life situation, leading to better outcomes for their children and a positive impact in their communities.

Woven Whānau Website

Finally, Resonance is providing strategic suggestions around numerous fundraising possibilities (if you would like to give to Woven Whānau please click on the underlined link above - it will take you to the Woven Whānau website and visit the donate page).

How could Resonance help you? 

The naming, logo design, branding, story-telling and strategy skills that Resonance has employed on the Woven Whānau project are completely transferrable. Over the years we have employed them in many different sectors for instance: medical device companies, building product manufacturers, software and technology developers, government, not-for-profit, business to business (B2B), consumer goods and retail, utilities and professional service firms.

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