World-class strategy and marketing requires a disciplined approach

At Resonance, we pride ourselves on a well-honed methodology that brings a unique scientific approach to all that we do. We then take those findings and turn them into actionable insights and will partner with you to bring them to life.


It starts with deep customer and market research



We work with you to understand your customers,  your market and the developing trends.



We collaborate with you to imagine all the possible paths forward.



We’ve developed methodology that helps to enlarge your moat; creating sustainable competitive advantage; protecting and growing your margins.



We offer implementation services to bring the new ideas to life.



We deliver breakthroughs that resonate with your clients and accelerate your business growth.

Research and strategy led by multi-award winning experts who partner with you

At Resonance we are not interested in academic exercises, or convoluted reports that lead nowhere.

Simple actionable strategies

At Resonance if we do a strategy or innovation project with you, it is our aim to work with you on the ‘go to market’ implementation. So we like, and have a vested interest in, ‘simple, actionable strategies’.

Making Things Happen

We will help you bring them to life

It leads to a sustainable competitive advantage

It all adds up to...

A recipe for resonance

Scott has a unique ability, across industries, to come up to speed quickly and identify new drivers of both revenue and profitability growth. He is rare in that he is a bridge between analytical, creative and practical, with a mixed skill-set across all three areas, that ensures a packaged execution that delivers results.

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Andrew Dunstan

CEO, Southern Cross Horticulture

Scott came to us with a proposal to transform our brand and marketing strategy. As a small team of engineers we were sceptical of fancy marketing ideas and pushed Scott hard for answers up front. With the limited budget we invested Scott led the team from the front and managed to bring my whole team of technical experts along with them to transform the way we marketed the business. Recognition of the outputs can't be any surer than the NZ Marketing Association awarding us the Business Marketing Award. Thanks Scott!

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Ian MacLeod

General Manager,
Marine Industrial Design

Scott took the time to understand the clinical benefits of our products and was able to lead the Infant Care team’s impactful clinical led marketing programs including international symposiums and further development of relationships with key clinicians.  These marketing programs were always in high demand across our global sales force – this is one of the greatest endorsements our marketers can get.

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Paul Shearer

Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing,
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

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